Cavity wall insulation questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the surveyor calls around to my home?

He will need to come into your home and be with you for around 60 minutes. We have to give your house an energy rating the same as when you buy a new fridge or washing machine, it has a rating of either A-B-C-D-E on it, we need to do the same for your house.

Is there much mess?

This system of cavity wall insulation has a defined pattern of drill holes, which has been tested by the British Board of Agrément to make sure that it fills all the walls correctly.

Also, during your survey, we take measurements of your home including a depth gauge and inspection of the cavity to be filled. From these measurements we know the amount of material required to correctly fill your walls.

The technician will, therefore, check the data and match this against the quantity of insulation used.

What about filling the holes?

The technician will fill all the injection holes with a mortar colour that closely matches the existing colour and texture.

When will I receive the guarantee?

We will apply for the guarantee on your behalf and it will be sent to you direct from the guarantee agency. It can take up to 12 weeks for this to be delivered to you after installation.